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Who comes in and out of your place of business is a pretty big deal. When new members join your team or your company grows, it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep up with all of the faces that are coming and going regularly. With that being said, it is all the more important for you to find a reliable means of professional security to ensure the safety of your employees and your business. That’s where Top Gun Security comes in.

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  • Visitor access control and screening.
  • Remote monitoring for visitor entryways.
  • Touch screen visitor screening kiosks.
  • Driver's license and license plate recognition.
  • Total community database manager.
  • Cameras and facial recognition.
  • Latest in security technology.
  • RFID solutions.
  • Pass printing.
  • And more!


As a business, there are always people that are coming and going from your business. Whether it’s employees coming in mid-day to start the second shift or its customers or clients coming in, the last thing that you want is to put your safety at risk. Top Gun Security strives to provide businesses in Florida with the quality security systems and services they need. Our access control software makes it easy for you to keep tabs on the countless faces that your business sees without having to do much work.

The access control software that we have makes it easy for you to screen your visitors regardless of which entryway they use. Aside from that, our access security software has the ability to recognize faces, license plates, driver licenses, and more.

If your place of work is in need of an increase in professional security, especially in regards to the foot traffic of your business, access control software is a fantastic investment. Not only is this software easy to manage, but it’s easy to customize to your particular needs. Whether you’re looking to minimize the number of parking incidents or you want to ensure all visitors are screened prior to entering, our software can make that possible.

Contact Top Gun Security today to speak with a professional security expert. We can help you get started making the most of our access control software immediately!

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