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What Does A Security Guard Do?

A security guard has many functions nowadays but patrolling and monitoring activity on a property is the main job of security guards. Also, private security guards are in charge of a high-profile individual and protect businesses and events in case of an emergency.

They patrol and inspect properties for signs of fire, robbery, vandalism, terrorism, or illegal activity. They keep an eye on people and buildings to prevent crime. Everyone who has a security guard feels secure. But, read on to learn in detail what a security guard does for your business… and for you!

Protect and Enforce Laws

Armed and unarmed security guards provide security to ensure the well-being of your business and your employees. They protect and enforce laws because of their training and constant knowledge updates. They can respond in almost any emergency to ensure the safety of your business. This generates a greater sense of security, which allows you to attract more customers and generate more sales in the medium and long term.

Monitor Alarms and Closed-Circuit TV Cameras

Security guards are trained to use various security devices like security cameras to monitor activities. These companies also taught them not to rely solely on technological advantages but to use instincts to comprehend and analyze the situation to protect assets or clients to the greatest extent possible.


Daily activity reports are an essential part of all security operations. Observing and reporting are the two most important duties of any security guard. A security guard is responsible for writing a safety report and carrying out their responsibilities. The security report keeps you informed about any event that occurs in your business so that you can make any decision timely.

Deal with Emergencies

This is the core responsibility of a security guard. They are trained to deal with any emergency, whether a criminal activity or a small robbery. Security guards have the responsibility to analyze the safest way to solve a security problem or report it to the relevant authorities. Security guard companies prepare their staff for every type of situation and especially for emergencies.

Security guards can do much more than just patrol and monitor. They are professionals in charge of dealing with difficult situations and can also assist customers with minor issues. The first person to greet a visitor in any company or building is the security guard. That's why the job of a security guard is so important to ensure the smooth running of your business. Get in touch with Top Gun Security to learn more!