Welcome To Top Gun Security’s Blog

Welcome to the blog from Top Gun Security, Miami’s best residential and commercial security company. Before we dive into our inaugural blog, we want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has made our company what it is.

First of all, thank you to our amazing staff and security guards. You all have been the above-and-beyond people that we hired you to be. We’re proud of the team you have helped us create.

Most importantly, thank you to our clients, past and present alike. Your trust, business, and referrals are the stuff that keeps us going day in and day out, as we provide exceptional security services and protect homes and business across the country.

What is Top Gun Security?

Top Gun Security is the finest security company in Miami. We’ve spent years working hard to establish ourselves as the go-to team for residential communities and businesses alike, and we offer unparalleled levels of service and security.

From unarmed rovers to armed security guards to patrol cars for your HOA, Top Gun Security can handle it all. We also offer remote surveillance and a powerful digital application that puts reporting and communication directly into your hands, so you always have a keen sense of exactly what is happening at your property, whether you are there or not.

In addition to building out one of the best security service lineups around, we have also spent the time and energy necessary to build partnerships and affiliations with the best security companies all around the continental United States. Through these partnerships, we can provide quality security for virtually any situation, anywhere, at any time. It’s all a part of our commitment to excellence in everything we do.

Our Lineup of Security Services

Top Gun Security has been around for a long time, and we’ve always been receptive to the needs of the people we serve. Through this process of taking feedback and listening to requests, we have developed a full-service security company that can meet all of your residential security, commercial security, and event needs.

Our highly trained security guards are certified for the various types of security that we offer, so you know that you’re getting experts in their field, as opposed to rent-a-badges, like with so many other security companies.

Commercial Security Guards

Top Gun Security in Miami provides commercial security for banks, construction sites, hotels, shopping complexes, hospitals, and more. Our team has seen and done it all.

No matter what kind of security guard or guards you need, we can supply an experienced team or security professionals to keep your employees, property, and products safe. We have unarmed security guards, armed security guards, and jacketed concierge security for your place of business.

Most importantly, our security guards are trained to treat each and every security detail they are deployed to like it is the most important job Top Gun Security has ever done, so you always get a team that is ready to serve.

To learn more about our commercial services, visit our commercial security services page online.

Residential Security Guards

For gated communities, HOAs, and other residential areas like apartment complexes and condos, we provide the very best in friendly, polite, and effective security guard services. From roving patrols in marked security vehicles to guard booth guards and even remote surveillance, we can keep your community and it’s residents safe, all while becoming a warm, welcome part of it.

Event Security Guards

For everything ranging from concerts to festivals to car shows, Top Gun Security is the number one local name for event security. Our specially trained event security team knows how to identify threats before they become a problem, help with first aid, and works closely with the hired police at your event. In short, we know how to maximize safety and patron experience without sacrificing one of the other.

Fire Watch Security Guards

If you’re not familiar with what fire-watch services are, you may need to be one day. Our fire watch services an essential offering for protecting businesses that are undergoing unusual circumstances such as sustained power loss, water loss, and construction “hot work.” Whether you elect to choose Top Gun Security for your fire watch needs or you are mandated to hire a company by your local Fire Marshal, we have the experience and tools to protect your property and people for the duration of the service.

To learn more about our fire watch security, visit our fire watch page online.

Our Technology

Very possibly the best part of working with Top Gun Security is the level of the cutting-edge technology we use to put communication and reporting directly into your hands. We developed a proprietary application that allows for our security guards to record and report their work faster and more accurately than ever, while simultaneously giving you real-time updates about what is taking place on your property.

This ensures that our level of service remains high at all times. If it doesn’t, you and the team supervisor will know about it immediately. However, what we have seen is that time and time again this technology gives our security guards the ability to do their jobs better than before and provide the ultimate in value to our clients.

Learn more about our app by visiting our technology page.

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For the best security team in Miami, there’s only once choice — Top Gun Security. Get in touch with us today by giving us a call directly at our office, or fill out our online form and let us know services you are looking for and what questions you have. A member of our team will reach out shortly to answer your questions and schedule a time that is convenient for you to talk more about your needs.